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May 27, 2022

A List Of Cool Knives For The Most Enthusiastic Collectors

  • February 16, 2021
  • 6 min read
A List Of Cool Knives For The Most Enthusiastic Collectors

There are various reasons for anyone to like and admire knives. They are exceptional in design, strength, and durability. You can complete so many different tasks with an array of strong knives if you know which ones to pick.

The most ideal knives you will find should be good enough to be functional and yet look impressive as well. Believe it or not, there is a very large community of knife lovers who admire them for their design. 

If you are one of these people you will appreciate a little guidance as to what the best knives are. Lucky for you we have a list of cool knives coming your way that will surely be what you need. You can look through some of the best blades and decide which one you want as a collector. 

As a collector, there are certain aspects that you need to aspire to rather than just functionality. A knife is so much more rewarding when it has the details and design of a weapon and a tool. You can expect it to smoothen over your daily tasks as well as astonish your friends with its design. There is a recipe for cool knives that would include all these features, and here they are in order of function to form.

  • One of the most long-lasting knives in terms of structure are fixed blade knives. They are made from stronger materials and can withstand more pressure. But even within this capacity, you can find unusual designs. You can get the USMC Marines Fixed Blade Knife which is one of the strongest blades you can get. They are designed for marines who need a good blade for survival so quality is guaranteed. It also has a pointed blade and a nylon sheath to protect the blade from any form of damage. The stonewashed effect adds a wilderness to the knife that makes it collection-worthy. 
  • Another awesome blade you can get is the Midnight Ops Tactical Throwing Knives 2 Piece Set. Other than the fact that these are extremely showy and well-crafted they are also used in martial arts. Even if you don’t learn to use them you can still hack some basic throwing techniques. They are a fun party trick and can be used theatrically for stage performances as well. It can also be utilized for hunting and target practice when you are out and about.
  • If you want something showier and less work a day, you can get the dollar knife. The quirky Mtech Full Dollar Spring Assisted Knife is the perfect knife for collectors. It can perform basic cutting tasks but the winner is the graphic design that will impress your friends.

Collectible Knives That Are Also Convenient

If you are into collecting blades, the upside is that you will always be able to use them. No matter how flashy or quirky they might be, they truly are an investment even with small returns. So continuing the list, let’s look at some of the knives that will also look just as good in a showcase as in use.

  • A popular blade for knife collectors and users alike is the Mtech Rainbow Spring Assisted Knife. Not only does it have a bright rainbow handle and detail, it’s also quite handy. You will find a bottle opener and cutter in this knife so it can be carried around wherever you go. You can also choose to keep it in your kitchen and add a little color to your dining if you please. 
  • If you are expecting coolness from knives, action, and design will go hand in hand. The same is the case with the amazing American Flag Handle Spring Assisted Knife Tactical. It has a somber flag design that adds a little depth to it but also an impressive structure. The stainless steel blade also has graphical detail on it and it doubles as a cutter and glass breaker. You can count on this knife to an emergency tool as well as a welcome artifact to your knife collection. 

Where To Find Affordable Unique Knives 

There is always the question of prices when you are looking to collect anything. If it is knives, you will obviously be getting more of them with passing time. There are so many options to choose from and that expands your options even more. If you are concerned about looking for the right kind of blades for a good price, you need not worry. There are definitely many options for you to find knives that are cool as well as within your budget.

 You just need to know where to look for them in case you want to keep buying them. One option is to scout for wholesale stores that will give you a discounted rate for the same products. If you are buying again and again you need to make sure you are spending your money on something worthwhile.

You can also look for a smaller version of knives that will cost less and give you variety as well. If you want to kick off your collection, pocket knives are the best blades to start from. They are cheap and are found in abundance at any good knife store for different kinds of knife buyers.

The other option you have is to look online for what you want. You will have a better understanding of what kind of knives are available when you can see them transparently.

You can browse at your leisure at local knife stores and find the ones that suit your budget and inspiration. Another upside is getting discounts and sale alerts for the best knives. If you are looking through your local shops, you will have trouble finding too much variety. 

Cool Cheap Knives At Online Stores


If you are looking for a place that can give you a lot of freedom of choice, try online stores. One of the most well-stocked and impressive online knife stores is PA Knives. Not only do they have incredible, high quality knives, but they also specialize in affordable blades.

You can get a wide array of wholesale knives for resale online which you can’t get in actual stores. While saving time as well as energy, you will be saving yourself a ton of money by browsing PA Knives. You can rest assured they will have the most interesting knives for all you collectors out there.



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