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September 25, 2022
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Transforming recruiting work with the help of recruitment software

  • March 24, 2021
  • 3 min read

Recruiters are skilled enough to carry out recruiting work without recruitment software. However, there is a stark difference once you start implementing a good recruitment CRM solution in your work. Modern technology has a lot to offer. And even if one understands the advantages that it can bring, it is only after using the CRM software that recruiters and recruitment agencies can truly distinguish the improvement and growth in their work and business.

What are the differences when recruiters start using recruitment software?

The right technology has the immense ability to trigger improvements and benefits. So, like with any other technology solution, there are noticeable developments and differences when technology is incorporated into the recruiting software.

Recruitment without using CRM software will require double the time and involve a disorganized recruiting desk. It will also be complicated when it comes to legal matters such as compliance checks. And when recruitment agencies embrace this software, they will experience a vast range of advantages. The most noticeable ones include –

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  • Better time management

Time is of the utmost importance in recruiting. Not only do recruiters have to meet client’s needs quickly, but they are also working to ensure that no competitor can catch up to them. Now when recruiters begin to use recruitment software for every aspect of their recruiting work, there is an immediate cut back on the amount of time they invest in certain tasks. This excess time can then be transferred to networking and relationship building or even talent sourcing. These can be considered more valuable tasks as they cannot be replaced by technology and need a human touch.


In the meanwhile, the repetitive assignments that are taken over by the recruitment CRM are easily accomplished by the software system. This shows that there is no need to invest as much time as recruiters do in time-consuming admin work.

  • Compliance checks are simplified

Not every recruiter is familiar and comfortable dealing with legal regulations. In fact, compliance checks can be quite complicated to understand and requires some time to get familiar with the rules. Since clients look at recruiters to help guide them navigate these laws, recruiters must have a strong base from where they can offer solid support.

Recruitment software helps provide comprehensive compliance checks. So recruiters can now easily execute the right-to-work checks and ensure that all the documents are correct. GDPR laws are quite strict so recruitment software helps ensures that everything is in order. Those who need good IR35 software need not look beyond their recruitment CRM.

  • Quality candidate sourcing

Recruiters are hired for their ability to find the perfect talent. Recruitment software provides better ways of talent sourcing. The social media integration feature has several benefits to offer. Recruiters and talent acquisition teams no longer have to spend hours manually copying the information of individuals who seem like a good fit for a role. CRM software can extract relevant information easily.

And once recruiters have built a good talent pool, the recruitment software’s talent mapping feature helps keep track of candidates and their career trajectories. This can be useful to observe where certain candidates are and if they would be open to new opportunities.

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