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November 30, 2022

Fantasy cricket and the reasons for its popularity

  • June 19, 2021
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The sporting apps along with websites have been an intrinsic feature for a considerable point in time. The countries like the UK or the US have gone on to create a name for themselves in the fantasy world of apps. Though baseball is a popular game in the US in countries like India fantasy cricket games have gone on to become a major craze. India topples the world when it comes to the question of fantasy apps.

The need of the hour is for sports lovers to have an idea about fantasy apps. Let us get introduced to the world of fantasy-based apps. It is an online game where a user gets to own a team on their own. They are going to form a virtual team of real players. In fact, these players would be the ones who would be playing the real games.

Fantasy sports in India

India is slowly making its mark when it comes to fantasy sports as compared to other countries. But the future presents a great picture as cricket appears to be one of the popular games in the country. No doubt to the fact about the phenomenal growth of a game like cricket in India. Due to the viewership on the television frontiers, there is a massive growth of the viewers in the country.

The advertisement, merchandise all contribute to the growth of the game in the country. In fact, these are the reasons for the growth of the game in a country like India. With numerous adventure tournaments like IPL people do not mind going the extra mile when it comes to fantasy cricket.

No surprises to the fact people discuss fantasy-based cricket games. It is not only the case for India but the entire world. In fact, the entire fan base is familiar with the concept that fantasy-based games are there to stay big time. A lot of the sports buffs come together on a common platform. It is going to test their skills along with knowledge in the given field.

When it comes to fantasy-based sports in India, there are a variety of leagues that have launched their own app. An example that tends to emerge is IPL that has become immensely popular.

The features that are essential for a fantasy-based cricket game

 A fantasy online game is incorporated with numerous features that make it the best. When it comes to the development of the apps these features are the best. Below are mentioned a few of the features with all the essential details. They are going to provide a clear understanding when it comes to the development of fantasy-based cricket apps.

User and admin panel

In any fantasy sports app, the user panel and admin panel are important. A user panel needs to contain details about the registration or log-in page. Apart from the home screen, there is going to be context-related information, areas where you need to make payment, and a lot more. An individual will be able to develop their own page when it comes to contexts along with other interesting features as well.

Home screen

The home screen turns out to be a portion of the screen that the user is going to reach after logging into the app. There are some home filters on the screen which enable them to locate the searches. Even there are options to decide category, tournaments, and a lot more. 

Context screen

It is possible for the user to view the context listing of various matches. Even they are going to have a view about all the matches as well. There could be sections like winning amounts, context types, and a lot more.


It is possible for the users to update and view the contact details here. There is going to be informed about the context size, ranking, rewards points, and other features. On the other hand, there is an admin panel that consists of areas like earning, user management, or match management. In addition, there are other sections such as bonus, cash management to name a few of them.

Additional features

The objective is to make the fantasy cricket league as interesting as it can get. It is better if you can add some features to it. With an additional set of features, the performance of the app is bound to improve. The task of the admin is also reduced. A reliable fantasy app is going to provide the features of customization to their clients. it is going to make the app comfortable, manageable, and targeted as well.

Other options are going to include the live score option, CRM, and API integration. In addition, it goes on to include customer reminders and a lot more. Another important feature that you need to add is the chatbot integration feature.

The cost associated with developing a fantasy-based cricket app

In the modern world having a fantasy cricket app is of utmost importance. A prediction is a record number of people will be using fantasy-based cricket app in the years to come. One of the main reasons is that the smartphone is going to become popular among the masses. A fantasy sports app with a user panel for Android or IOS is going to cost $ 8000. In some cases, the cost of the admin panel might shoot up to $ 9000. If you are looking for some form of development services the cost is going to be dependent upon the hours that you spend on the project.


The concept of fantasy online games is catching up big time. A lot of people are focusing their time along with attention on the development of such apps. Even the market is pretty much up for the developers. As far as the question of development is concerned these are some of the areas that you can hardly afford to give a miss.

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